Film Experiments

For one of my projects I’ve decided to base it on an escalator. Armed with a Pentax K1000 and 36 shots I went out and took these images. These are my favourite out of the shoot. I like that they focus on different aspects of the area. This is my first time using an analogue camera. As a DSLR user it was tricky not being able to playback the images and see what I had taken. But I got used to it soon enough. Perhaps next time I will try different methods in the darkroom when processing my images.

For a final outcome I want to create prints that show the details of an escalator. I will do this through photography and screenprint them for finals. I’m in the process of experimenting with darkroom techniques. Below are some photograms of images i’ve taken. I really like the different textures, and how vague the images are. I aim to pair similar images with an escalator sound piece. These vague elements will work together to make something that works as a whole.


img019 img016


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