What is design

This lecture was about design within journalism. We began the lecture with an exercise on what we thought design was. A lot of the ideas given were similar in nature (for example, a solution to a problem visually). However there were some ideas about design being a form of self-expression; though this may be true to a certain degree however in today’s day and age design is a lot more diverse and corporate; used along side many other practices, journalism for example.

The featured reading for this lecture was a article written by Alice Rawsthorn for Frieze magazine; it was a criticism on an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The exhibition was their first major one since reopening and featured the work of Marcel Wanders, a commercially successful designer.

Rawsthorn states that the museum should be focusing around the idea of design being used for other means than commercial; for example areas like social or humanitarian design. “Design has had one unwavering role as an agent of change that can help to ensure that developments of any sort – scientific, technological, cultural, political, economic or environmental” Rawsthorn explains that design is ‘an agent of change’ and can be very powerful and help to find solutions for different issues (e.g. damage caused by natural disasters). Her criticism essentially was about how the Stedelijk Museum has such a rich design history and decided to open with Wanders work, where there are so many other possible aspects of design they could have featured.

We then looked at the way design has changed through time and the different technologies available. For example the Internet and social media has changed a lot for us and the way we communicate and consume information. With different social media it’s much easier for us to keep in touch and share. Such advancements in technology make it a lot easier for us to become the ‘producer’ of our work, as we are able to create everything ourselves; we have the means to.

Article: http://www.frieze.com/issue/article/what-is-design/


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